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Our residential service is tailored to give you the most convenient and efficient move in order to get you the most value for your dollar. There is no idle time, we get straight to the point and make sure that we put in the maximum amount of effort at the most affordable rate. Poinex moving does not aim for perfection but rather looks for means of improving every aspect of the company. Our moving service specializes in residential moves; since that has been the main focus of our company from the get go.

We have recognized the biggest problems with the majority of other moving companies and so, we make sure that we follow a different and unique direction so as to provide our clients with a better service with no stress on our end and virtually on the customer’s as well. We are here to enhance our quality before quantity. We are never rushed but rather smart-paced and hardworking. By paying close attention to detail, taking responsibility and applying proper time management steps, we are able to provide a moving experience you will never forget.

Residential moves include:
Town Homes & Single Homes